Why I appreciate John Piper

Why I appreciate John Piper

John Piper retired this week, or as his wife Noel described it ‘Retired?  No!  Re-fired.’  I’ve not met him in person but been impacted over the last decade by sermons and books on multiple occasions.  I think I have read eleven books of his books and countless sermons – including his entire eight years in Romans while out running!

Here’s twelve reasons why I appreciate John Piper as a pastor.

Being a husband and a father was a greater calling than being a pastor and a preacher

He placed studying the Bible at the heart of life and ministry, but studied more for his joy in God than for preaching

He stayed: 32+ years, one church.

He placed preaching the Bible at the heart of the church

He gave equal weight to courage, clarity and compassion in pastoral leadership

He did it with others and not alone

He said sorry

He played to his strengths and let others play to theirs

He made it ok to be both intellectual and passionate; both heart and mind focused, about both affections and understanding

He said in words and actions his sin was real and had to be fought

He made much of God

After 32 years, immense church growth, huge global ministry he made little of himself in handing over the leadership of the church

Not know who John Piper is?