This year we are sending two teams to Nepal, one to Kathmandu and the other to Gimdi. Both teams will be working with sponsored children and with the schools they attend.  There’s lots of resources to organise to keep over 700 children busy for a week!

If you can help we would love to receive any of the items below.  The items with links are from Amazon and the food items can be bought from any supermarket and then left in the box in Room 4 on the bookshelves at BIC.  Non food items without a link we need to buy from an educational supplier, so for these items we would ask for a donation to cover the cost of purchase, if you’re not sure about exactly what’s required for any item just let us know by email.

If you do choose to purchase something please let us know by email so we can remove it from the list.  Many Thanks!


Rugby tags (£30)

Rugby ball (£6.49)


Cellophane A4x 48 (£4)

Lego donations – new and used

Nail varnish

Glue sticks x4 (£16.12)

Kebab sticks 100 x5 (£1.32 each)

Masking tape x6 rolls 12 needed (£4.09 each set)

Dobble Game (£9)

Crochet thread

Crochet hooks

Pipe cleaners 100 x 3 packs (£1.48 each)

Badminton set (£14.99)




Rainbow drops x2 (£4)

Thread x50 (£6.45)

Scissors x96 (£35)

Black card

Scellotape x8

Bread sticks x2 (£2.30)

Chocolate spread x2 (£2)

Paper plates x600 (£12)

Corks x225 (£20)

White board marker x13 packs (£1.98 each)

Biscuits 20 packets

Icing sugar 7kg (£15)

Bowls IKEA x18 (£3)

Spoons IKEA x36 (£6)

Smarties (£15.99)

Marshmallows x10

Sports day set x2

Table cloth x4

Wood glue

Trapese and strap (£15)