Mr Encouragement!

Mr Encouragement!

Well I’ve been thinking about a character in the bible this week called Barnabas, his name literally means ‘son of encouragement’ …Barnabas Encouragement!

When he was around, it was the beginnings of the church (check out the book of acts) and the church became renowned, and developed a particular reputation.  A quick internet search of ‘church, vicar, religion’ and we see the reputation that we have these days, back then however, they were known for how they lived together, they sold everything and gave it away…’there were no needy persons among them’ we read.

Barnabas (Mr Encouragement) it is said, sold a field and presented the money from the sale to the apostles, can you imagine that, so much are you aware of Gods great and deep love for you, so much do you see the great and deep love God has for the others, that you sell a field that you own and give all the cash, effectively, to the poor!

Barnabas also has a history though the development of the early church of encouraging others to step into what God has called them to, He introduced and advocated Paul soon after his conversion to the disciples who are afraid that he is still out to arrest and murder Jesus new followers, he did it again later to trigger a three huge journeys that planted hundreds of churches that changed the face of southern Europe. He does it again with someone else called John Mark, recognised a calling and nurturing him to complete the task God has set him.

So I think Barnabas Is great, what a guy, giving his money to the poor and building up and encouraging those around him whom God has called to particular works. Now I’m not finishing on a sour note, I’m not going to say ‘if only there were more like him….’ Because I know loads of Barnabas’s, I watch them arrange things through email and Facebook,  I see it every Wednesday at Trinity Church, at trustees meetings and in council offices. We can always do more and do better, but I thank God for the Barnabas’s at HoB, you really do make a difference!

Have a great weekend guys!!