Letter to HoB Friends

Hi All, Just thought I would blog this to help get the word out!


(Not blogged for a while so hope this works!)

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you all to just update you on the situation that we find ourselves in at the moment with House of Bread. We began talking about the need for what we do four years ago, we felt that God had called us to this work and I’m sure that you will agree, it was Gods timing that we did so, the world that we now live in is very different from four years ago, with bedroom taxes, higher unemployment, changes to benefits systems etc. we have found a huge need throughout the week for what we do.

It is important that in order to maintain what we do, we change and respond to the demand. As you will have noticed, Wednesdays are increasingly busy, and that is brilliant, we are so pleased that people choose to come and have dinner with us. What we need to do however, is adapt to the increasing need and make sure we are serving you guys as best as we can.

The short term plan is to offer the food bags the day after House of Bread at 2pm, every Thursday here at Trinity. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits will be available and we will give the food bags out then. This achieves two things, it gives us an extra room and means that some people may only choose to come on the Thursday.

The long term plan is to offer more House of Bread meals, we will never move away from Wednesdays and as always, everyone is welcome. What will be looking to do however is have some extra sessions which some people might feel more comfortable at. This is just an idea at the moment but look out for more ways to connect and share with us.

Can I also end on a rather practical note that under no circumstances can alcohol be seen or consumed anywhere around or outside HoB. It is not fair on those trying to give up or cut down; it is disrespectful to the building and puts the whole operation at risk.

Thanks so much for your support and the blessing of being able to meet and know you all!