God is a global God.  From the moment he created the entire universe; through the famous promise of John 3:16 that God so loved the ‘world’, through the imagery of people from every corner of creation worshipping God in Revelation God was, is and will forever be concerned with his entire world.  And God calls each church to be part and connected into his global movement.  We could either be goers (leaving our own culture for another) or givers (resourcing others in prayer, friendship and money) – but we are all involved.

As a church we encourage people to be involved personally in any number of initiatives in other parts of the world.  But as a church we specifically support two international projects.  The Smile Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal and Anusaran, an educational centre for women and children in Delhi, India.  We will be updating this page in time with more information about these great initiatives that it is a privilege to support in many ways.