Gods Fragile Christmas!

So I’ve been considering Joseph this Christmas, what a top man he was! His fiancé was pregnant, he knew it wasn’t his (for biological reasons) and he stood by his partner, not only did he stand by her and not divorce her or have her stoned, but he took Jesus as his son and named him, it was official, Joseph was Jesus Step Dad! But what if this hadn’t happened?

Do you know, it was absolutely critical that it did? The Old Testament has many prophesies about the Messiah, the one who will come and save, the one whose kingdom will last forever. The prophesies are there to back up the fact that Jesus is who he says he is, they are about the whole of his life and many were completely out of his control. One of them was that Jesus would be in the blood line of King David, this was crucial and very well known at the time, If Joseph ignored Gods voice about who the child in Marys womb was, would Gods plan be back to square one? I don’t want to doubt God or deny that he is in control, but in terms of the narrative, unless Joseph took him and named him, those prophesies about Jesus wouldn’t be true.

Let me really briefly mention Moses, floating off down the Nile (as many babies of the time did) with the plan being to escape the decree to murder all Hebrew boy babies, Moses was drawn from the water by a midwife with a tear in her eye…but what if she didn’t, I don’t want to over dramatise, but there were crocodiles in the Nile, where would he have ended up, would he have dehydrated? Once again, I don’t want to doubt God, but the story suggests his plans can be and are vulnerable.

So why am I telling you this? Well maybe this says something to us? Maybe it says that Gods plans can be and still are vulnerable, maybe in terms of House of Bread that we aren’t to settle for what we see, maybe we aren’t to accept the situations that we face? Maybe God is at work and whether we choose to believe it or not, he is incredibly dependant on his people to stand up and be counted, to get involved and stuck in. What if we hadn’t set up House of Bread and we had just settled, it would seem a tragedy now, having seen and heard all the wonderful stories, what if the midwife…what if Joseph…. what if (insert your name here) didn’t follow Gods call and do that thing he is telling you to do?