Day One.

DAY 1 of £1 for a Day!

Well…Its been quite an eye opener so far, the hardest bit was going shopping! I had about 45 minutes in one of the major supermarkets on Friday night and really struggled to use my budget wisely! I bought the obvious things like cheap pasta, reduced bread and cheap sausages…all food that fills people up, but not the sort of food that is going to keep me particularly healthy!
I was really aware as i walked around the shops that most of what i could see…i simply couldn’t afford! Its quite fun at this stage but i am also very much aware that this is a reality for many people and that it is week in and week out.
So the end of day 1 approaches, i feel full but strangely discontent with what i have consumed. If this carries on, Wednesday and the prospect of a meal, sandwiches and a food bag at House of Bread will be very much the highlight of my week!
Tomorrow bodes well however, as its church and there is usually a lovely dinner available afterwards for anyone that wants one…Yes Please!
Matt Turner