A Hob Family?

A HoB Family?

Now there is an interesting concept! In a world increasingly fractured, fragmented and isolated, the church is obliged to step up and be authentic family with each other. I hear a lot of talk in Christian circles about ‘sharing life’… the problem with most of what I read and hear however, is that it is usually with someone thousands of miles away, and for only a couple of weeks. It is right and correct to support people abroad, but we should be doing this wisely and use our money as frugally as possible, why go and build a bit of a house in Tanzania your air fare covers a whole one?

The real challenge with being a church family, is doing it day in day out, when the best china has been put away and the dust has firmly settled, the real challenge is being a brother or sister or surrogate parent or Grandparent, to someone who actually might let you down again and again

I said a prayer recently that God would give me a deeper understanding of what it meant to be a church family, and boy did he answer it! I attended the graduation of a friend of HoB who had been in Rehab, I met this person as a homeless man, we became friends, he came to church….some two and a bit years later after a whole load of difficulties, I sat in a room listening how his journey had been, how helpful he was to the other guys there, I welled with tears as I spoke out my excitement at the years of recovery ahead of him. He was in church on Sunday, the most popular man in the building, he’d been on the prayer list for over a year and asked about week by week, and there he was, the past mattered not, the fatted calf was being prepared and as much as his bad times saddened us, this made us happier than you could imagine.

I sat in on an interview after the graduation, the guy asked me if I’d had a good day, my answer was that considering it was my ten year wedding anniversary, my wife and I could honestly, hand on heart, not think of a better way to spend it, than joining in with a brother who was celebrating his freedom.

The bible is full of imagery of how the church should be a family, why would we be surprised that it’s a blessing, or pleasant, or enjoyable, to take these journeys with people, I left the centre last week full of joy, full of hope for my friend and fully reminded of what it means that HoB, while not anywhere near perfect, tries to be a family to one another.