£1 A Day food (Day 3 and 4)

Hello Again!

Well i have been away with college so here is two for the price of one!

So going away… I have been off with college to a retreat centre and as you would expect, the food is gorgeous and there is plenty of it. On arrival (well after the 1st session because i was last!) i went hunting with my good buddy Ian, to find a brew. In the space of three mins, we found two sets of facilities and five stashes of biscuits, and not just your basic smart price stuff i have been eating at home, these were high class biscuits of extreme quality, ones that laughted in the face of a dunk! So i thought to myself, here we go again! More free food and in ridiculous quantities on its way, it was nice to have the selection and quantity that was there, but it just served to underline for me the vast difference between my life and that of many of my friends.

So i went fairly hungry til i got there to try and make this experiment worth something, ate my biscuits on arrival and then  came dinner!

free dinner tues Followed by free pud

Not all of the scones were mine, but you get the point! Oh and there was soup to start!

The following day was much the same, plenty of toast available for breakfast, a nice three course lunch and then i got home lookiong forward to getting back into the spirit of the £1 a day, well as the letters in Viz used to write ‘imagine my suprise’ when as a thankyou for feeding the outlaws cat, they reward us with a beautiful steak pie full of best steak and thick gravy! I know its not in the spirit of the process but its getting silly now, i literally cant move for free meals, they are everywhere!

This week has challenged me more than i thought it would, i thought by now i would be chomping at the bit for House of Bread, but im not, im facing up to the sober reality that as much as i might seek to help church reach out to those on the margins of society, to the poor, the isolated, the prisoners and all the other words we use, as much as i might think im the best man for the job because i ‘remember my roots’ or have a scruffy coat or even that i just prefer being with these guys than anyone else, as much as i might kid myself, my world is a million miles from theres, they just happen to orbit past each other now and again.